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Mortgage Purchase Rates for October 26, 2020
Cuyahoga County, Ohio
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Product Rate APR
5/1 ARM (30 year) 2.39% 3.02%
5/1 ARM (30 year) Low Cost 2.74% 3.09%
5/1 ARM (15 year) 2.29% 2.82%
5/1 ARM (15 year) Low Cost 2.64% 2.92%
Product Rate APR
10 Year Low Cost Fixed Rate 2.75% 2.79%
15 Year Low Cost Fixed Rate 2.69% 2.72%
30 Year Low Cost Fixed Rate 3.19% 3.20%
3/1 ARM (15 year) Low Cost 2.49% 2.99%
5/1 ARM (15 year) Low Cost 2.64% 2.92%
5/1 ARM (30 year) Low Cost 2.74% 3.09%
Product Rate APR
10 Year Fixed Rate 2.35% 2.53%
10 Year Low Cost Fixed Rate 2.75% 2.79%
Product Rate APR
10 Year Fixed Rate 2.35% 2.53%
15 Year Fixed Rate 2.39% 2.52%
30 Year Fixed Rate 2.89% 2.96%
Product Rate APR
5/1 ARM (30 year) 2.39% 2.97%
5/1 ARM (15 year) 2.29% 2.73%
3/1 ARM (30 year) 2.24% 3.05%
3/1 ARM (15 year) 2.14% 2.86%
5/1 ARM (10 year) 2.29% 2.57%

For more than 80 years, Third Federal has been a leading mortgage lender. Our mortgage rates are among the lowest. And now with our Lowest Rate Guarantee program, if you find a lower purchase mortgage rate, we’ll beat it or pay you $1,000.

Here’s how it works:


  • Find a lower rate than ours? We’ll beat it or pay you $1,000.
  • Simply provide us with the other lender’s advertisement, webpage, email, rate sheet, or other documentation of mortgage rates.
  • In most cases, you’ll have a rate decision the same day.
  • And if rates go down further, you can lock again!


  • We can lock your rate at preapproval or before preapproval.
  • We can even lock your rate without an application.
  • We can usually beat and even lock a competitor’s mortgage rate before they can.


  • We can lock your rate prior to preapproval, all the way through loan approval. You can lock your rate for as long as 120 days!
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