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Can I make a principal payment to my mortgage?

You have the ability to make a principal payment to your mortgage in several ways. Additional principal payments may be made any time after your regular monthly payment has been satisfied.  Here are your options:

  1. Submit a principal-only payment through our Online Banking system from a Third Federal deposit account. Use the Move Money tab in the top menu.
  2. Set up an additional monthly principal payment to be deducted from your Third Federal checking account each month.  This would need to be the same amount each month and would be deducted on the same day as your mortgage payment.
  3. Mail us a check (or drop off at a branch) and write your loan number in the comment section of the check. Make sure to include a note that tells us to apply the funds directly as a principal only payment. Our mailing address is: Third Federal Savings, PO Box 94974, Cleveland, OH  44101-4974.

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