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Online Security Updates

Online Security Updates

Below are links to the latest updates we routinely send our Online Banking customers about a variety of online security topics.

How to Dispose of Your Old Computer or Mobile Device

Your computer and mobile device holds sensitive information like passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, photos, and your internet browsing history. Before disposing of your device, it is important to take steps to ensure that this information is permanently removed. To permanently remove the data from your computer or mobile device, it needs to be wiped clean or reset.

Before attempting to reset your computer or mobile device, be sure to save the files that you want to keep. Files on your computer can be backed up in a variety of ways: to an external hard drive, a USB drive, a CDRom, or directly to a new computer. Data from your mobile device can often be backed up directly to a computer, a removable SIM card (if your device uses one for data), or a cloud based service offered by your mobile provider.

After you have backed up the information on your computer or mobile device, you can wipe the hard drive clean. For computers, utility programs to wipe your hard drive are available online and in stores where computers are sold. Mobile devices have a “factory reset option,” which will permanently remove the information in its memory. For detailed information on how to wipe your device clean, refer to the owner’s manual, or check with your mobile provider.

Now that your device has been wiped clean, you are ready to safely dispose of it. Computers and mobile devices contain a variety of toxic materials that can harm the soil, water, and air including lead and cadmium, so it is important to dispose of your device responsibly. Most stores and mobile providers will allow you to drop off your device for disposal or recycling. Another option is to donate your device. Many organizations collect used computers and mobile devices for charitable purposes.

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