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Online Security Updates

Online Security Updates

Below are links to the latest updates we routinely send our Online Banking customers about a variety of online security topics.

Understanding Typosquatting Hacks and How You Can Protect Yourself

Typosquatting, also known as URL hijacking, is the practice hackers use to register domain names spelled similarly to the domain names of existing companies and brands. For example, instead of (The “a” in Federal has been replaced with an “e.”)

If you misspell the URL when searching for a website, you can be led to an alternative site that is usually designed for malicious purposes. In some instances, these hackers may use phishing techniques, such as sending urgent email messages warning users their account information needs to be updated, in order to direct users to their fake website.

Typosquatters often create fake websites that imitate the look and feel of your intended destination, so you may not even realize that you are on a different site. These sites typically contain a login form, designed to steal your login credentials. Typosquatters will then use your credentials to login to your legitimate account. These fake websites may also be designed to download malware on your device simply by visiting the site.

The following tips can help protect yourself from typosquatting:

  • Always double check the spelling of the web address you typed before hitting enter.
  • Once you are positive that the address you entered is correct, bookmark it for future use.
  • Be warry of urgent email messages directing you to take action immediately. If you receive such a message, contact the company through a phone number you know to be legitimate to confirm they sent you the email.
  • Never click on links you receive through email, text, or social media unless you know the sender and trust that the content is safe.
  • Before clicking on a link, hover over the link with your mouse to view the actual link that you are being routed to. It may be different than what you see on your screen.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your accounts. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring you to enter a verification code, sent to your email or phone, before logging into your account.

We always suggest you use caution when completing any transactions on the internet. If you have questions about your account, or suspect that your login credentials may have been compromised, call our customer service department at 1-800 THIRD FED (844-7333).

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