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Message from Marc
We believe you come first.
Always have, always will.

Message from Marc

  • May 2018

    For eighty years, customers have trusted and supported Third Federal.

    If you are a current Third Federal depositor, or a borrower as of January 17, 1996 with a loan that is still active, you are a voting member of our MHC. Thank you for your business and continued confidence in us.

    Every year, we ask you to vote FOR a proposal for our Mutual Holding Company (MHC) to waive its receipt of cash dividends during the year. Because we are required by regulators to solicit your vote annually, we are asking you once again to vote FOR the waiver in 2018.

    We need a majority of the eligible votes of our members to approve the dividend waiver, so we truly need your vote. If you do not cast a vote on the dividend waiver proposal, it will have the same effect as a no vote.

    My parents founded Third Federal on their honeymoon with a mission to serve our customers and communities. Thanks once again for the opportunity to serve you.

    Third Federal. Strong. Stable. Safe. Since 1938.

    Marc A. Stefanski

    Chairman and CEO

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