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Can I get a preapproval on a Smart Rate Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Yes, you can get a preapproval for a Smart Rate Adjustable Rate Mortgage for purchases.

The Third Federal Early Preapproval is a FREE process that prequalifies income and credit for a specific loan amount and locks the rate in for 60 days at the time of a Preapproval application. It is a true preapproval, not a prequalification.

A Third Federal Early Preapproval will give you the credibility and clout to get the paperwork rolling faster. You'll know up front how much house you can afford and show sellers and agents that you're a serious buyer, enabling you to negotiate better deals.

Here's a quick overview:

With Third Federal’s Early Preapproval, you can lock in our guaranteed lowest rate right at preapproval. Many lenders won’t allow customers to lock their rate this early. But at Third Federal we lock the rate right at preapproval so you don’t have to worry about rates going up!

Even if you are still looking for a new home you can be protected from rising rates by getting preapproved now at Third Federal. And if mortgage rates fall even lower, you can receive the lower rate just by asking.

Find a lower purchase rate than ours? It’s hard to do, but if somehow it happens, with Third Federal’s Lowest Rate Guarantee, we’ll beat it or give you $1,000.

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