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Because of its low interest rates, mortgage and/or home equity lending is usually the most effective method of borrowing available to homeowners. In fact, it’s so efficient that you can often take out a new mortgage or home equity line or loan, pay off other higher interest debts, and have a much lower monthly payment. It’s not uncommon to cut your total monthly payments in half when you consolidate debt with a home equity line or loan. Third Federal offers three different types of loan products that are typically used for debt consolidation.

Rates for October 22, 2020
Cuyahoga County, Ohio
All Mortgage Rates 0 Points
Product Rate APR
Home Equity Line of Credit 2.99% 2.99%
Home Equity Line of Credit 2.24% 2.24%
Product Rate APR
5 Year Home Equity Loan 3.29% 3.29%
10 Year Home Equity Loan 3.59% 3.59%
5/1 Home Equity Loan 3.79% 3.44%
Product Rate APR
3/1 ARM (15 year) 2.14% 2.95%
3/1 ARM (15 year) Low Cost 2.49% 2.99%
5/1 ARM (15 year) 2.34% 2.84%
3/1 ARM (30 year) 2.24% 3.09%
3/1 ARM (30 year) Low Cost 2.59% 3.12%
5/1 ARM (30 year) 2.44% 3.04%
5/1 ARM (30 year) Low Cost 2.79% 3.10%
10 Year Fixed Rate 2.39% 2.56%
15 Year Fixed Rate 2.59% 2.71%
30 Year Fixed Rate 3.09% 3.16%
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At Third Federal, we provide genuinely low rates and closing costs without any tricks or undisclosed mark-ups.

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