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Mortgage Purchase
A rate promise made
is a rate promise kept.
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Mortgage Purchase with Third Federal

We offer several advantages when you’re buying or building a home. Only Third Federal locks your rate at preapproval, before you sign a purchase contract or even find a new home, protecting you from rising rates. And if rates should fall while you're shopping for a home, no worries. We’ll let you float down to the new lower rate for free, all you have to do is ask. 

To make the process even less stressful, we also guarantee that your home purchase will close on time. If we’re late, we will pay you $500.

Competitive Rates

At Third Federal, we pride ourselves on providing genuine low rates without any tricks or undisclosed mark-ups. The rates you see here are the rates that you’ll actually get when you apply for a loan with us.

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Thinking about buying a new home?

The early bird gets the best nest. Get approved early and save thousands!

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Mortgage Purchase Rates for June 19, 2018
Loudoun County, Virginia
All Mortgage Rates 0 Points
Product Rate APR
5/1 (30 year) Smart Rate 3.59% 3.94%
5/1 (30 year) Low Cost Smart Rate 3.94% 3.99%
5/1 (15 year) Smart Rate 3.19% 3.68%
5/1 (15 year) Low Cost Smart Rate 3.54% 3.76%
Product Rate APR
10 Year Low Cost Fixed Rate 3.84% 3.88%
3/1 (15 year) Low Cost Smart Rate 3.19% 3.71%
5/1 (15 year) Low Cost Smart Rate 3.54% 3.76%
5/1 (30 year) Low Cost Smart Rate 3.94% 3.99%
3/1 (30 year) Low Cost Smart Rate 3.39% 3.88%
Product Rate APR
10 Year Fixed Rate 3.44% 3.67%
10 Year Low Cost Fixed Rate 3.84% 3.88%
Product Rate APR
10 Year Fixed Rate 3.44% 3.67%
Product Rate APR
5/1 (30 year) Smart Rate 3.59% 3.88%
5/1 (15 year) Smart Rate 3.19% 3.57%
3/1 (30 year) Smart Rate 3.05% 3.81%
3/1 (15 year) Smart Rate 2.85% 3.60%
5/1 (10 year) Smart Rate 2.79% 3.14%

What Our Customers Have to Say

"Our experience with Third Federal was outstanding.  The process was easy, the staff were amazingly helpful and I would use Third Federal again."

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Third Federal Advantage

For more than 75 years, Third Federal has been a leading mortgage lender. Our mortgage rates are among the lowest. And now with our Lowest Rate Guarantee program, if you find a lower purchase mortgage rate, we’ll beat it or pay you $1,000.

Here’s how it works:


  • Find a lower rate than ours? We’ll beat it or pay you $1,000.
  • Simply provide us with the other lender’s advertisement, webpage, email, rate sheet, or other documentation of mortgage rates.
  • In most cases, you’ll have a rate decision the same day.
  • And if rates go down further, you can lock again!


  • We can lock your rate at preapproval or before preapproval.
  • We can even lock your rate without an application.
  • We can usually beat and even lock a competitor’s mortgage rate before they can.


  • We can lock your rate prior to preapproval, all the way through loan approval. You can lock your rate for as long as 120 days on our standard rate lock or 300 days on our extended rate lock.
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You shouldn’t feel rushed to the find perfect home. That’s why we lock down your rate at preapproval, before you sign a purchase contract or even find a new home! No other lender can offer a rate lock so early in the home buying process, protecting you from rising rates.

Imagine if you could get a mortgage at today’s low rates and not worry about closing costs. With our new Low Cost Mortgages, you can, because you only pay $295 in closing costs. We pay all other closing costs, saving you thousands of dollars. And the interest rate is typically lower than what other lenders charge for their full closing cost loans. So go buy that new couch that’ll look perfect in your new family room!

  • No PMI with 85% loan to value
  • Jumbo loans at discounted rates
  • Available on 10, 15 and 30-year fixed rate and Smart Rate for purchases
Normally, you get a discount for buying in bulk. But that’s not true for loans. Most lenders actually charge higher rates for “jumbo loans” between $453,100 and $1 million. (As much as 1% higher). At Third Federal, we do opposite. We drop the rate on jumbo loans by 5 to 10 basis points. Because we believe big borrowers deserve more bang for their buck, not less.
This lock goes into effect when you apply, because at Third Federal, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay extra just to get enough time to close your loan. Most lenders only offer a 30-day rate lock. If you close after that time period, your rates could go up. 
You’ll get a 60-day rate lock at preapproval. When you convert to a full application, we offer an additional 60-day standard or 240-day extended rate lock. That’s a rate locked for up to 300 days!

With a  Third Federal Bridge Loan, you can buy before you sell.  A bridge loan is the best way to buy your new home while your old home is on the market. There are many advantages to a Third Federal bridge loan:

1. You can use the equity in your current home for the down payment on your new home.

2. Eliminate your existing home payment, so you have only one payment while you're selling your current house.

3. There are no principal or interest payments on your bridge loan for up to 12 months.

4. No application fee, cancellation fee or prepayment penalty.

For more information, call our Customer Service department at 1-800-THIRD-FED (844-7333). View Disclosures

Many lenders will transfer your loan to another mortgage company, who may transfer it to another and so on, and so on. That can lead to problems. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that with Third Federal. We service your loan for the life of your loan. And once it's paid off, we make sure it's cleared off your record, too.
Unlike some lenders, our associates work on a non-commission basis.  So their primary concern is finding the product that’s best for you, our customer, not what benefits them.